What Is A Bistro Set?

What Is A Bistro Set?

In this article, we are going to talk about what is the definition of a Bistro set and what are the essential elements. Also, it is important to mention that these compact furniture sts, typically come with a small table and pair of chairs. These are designed to create some intimate spaces for dining and to relax. It has the first apparition in some places of Europe, particularly France.

Defining Bistro Sets

To start with, the definition of a Bistro set consists of a small table and pair of chairs, that is a charming and intimate setting. Perfect for casual dining and some kind of conversation. Originally comes from France, particularly some Parisian establishments. These kinds of sets have become synonymous with dining experiences. They were designed for compact cafe spaces with a lot of light, with some favorable furniture to accommodate indoor and outdoor settings. Also the evolution about the bistro set is one of the most versatile and enduring appeal, blending functionality with some kind of cute scenes.

The bisto set is good in some places where there is less space available, perfect for a balcony, terrace or a small place in your garden.

What Is A Bistro Set?

Components of a Bistro Set

A bistro set is mainly composed of some kind of furniture that are very comfortable and small for their design. One of them is the table, chairs and we can add some additional features.

Table in Bistro Set

The table is very common that we find in small and round designs. It is very fit, specially into some spaces that provide enough area for some dining or drinks. This kind of table is typically ideal for two people due the compact size is not big enough to enter another person, The design is enhanced for practically all small balconies, gardens and some patios. Another important thing to make a point is the material of the table, that is a range from classic and some metal designs to modern glass and durable plastic, every design is very delicate, special for the social media. One of the most tendences nowadays is to take a picture on Instagram with this furniture. 

Chair in a Bistro Set

These kinds of chairs come in an infinite style of materials, specially to complement the table providing comfort due the space of the table. Some traditional bistro chairs are often made with iron or metal, with some patterns that allow to give the complete experience with the set. Sometimes they come with some wooden elements for added some touch of conform. Also, there are some kinds of contemporary designs that may include some materials such as wicker or high quality plastics, offering different styles such as rustic or minimalist designs. It is important to mention that the ergonomic design is also an experience for the Bistro set, making some chairs not just stylish but also comfortable.

Additional features for a Bistro Set

To improve the experience in a Bistro set, there are some kinds of elements or accessories that can be included, for example umbrellas. This kind of accessory provides shade and makes dining more comfortable during some kind of station of the year, such as sunny or rainy weather. Also you can add a cushion to refresh the look of the set. Storage solutions are a very good idea to implement, such as foldable tables or different kinds of chairs, especially for those limited spaces. These kinds of accessories contribute to improving the functionality and appeal of your bistro set, making them adaptable to different environments and depending on the design of the person. We recommend that if you want to improve your Bisto Set, you can check different kinds of websites to make a purchase with all your knowledge. Also we have a category for you in our site that you can check it.

What Is A Bistro Set?

Types of Bistro Sets

There are several different kinds of material that we can get nowadays, depending on the aesthetic that you want to offer. We can classify depending on the material, the size and configuration or the theme and style.

Material-Based Classification

As we mentioned before, some Bistro Sets can be classified based on the materials that they used, offering some characteristics and benefits that convert in a unique design. For example, Metal Bistro sets, often made from iron and aluminium, are more durable and perfect for the rain, making them suitable for outdoor use. Other kinds of material such as the wooden bistro set, like teak, cedar or others, offer a natural look, but they require more protection against the natural elements. Other kinds of Bistro sets that we can find are the Rattan and wicker bistro. They provide a casual aesthetic, perfect design for some relaxed, tropical moment and they give you a different vibe. Also we can find some Bistro set like synthetic materials, such as plastic and resin, that offer the advantage of being low maintenance, but more durable. The difference with this kind of material is that it is very common to find in different colors and styles.

Size and configuration

Other kinds of categories that we can find in the Bistro set are the various sizes and configurations to sit depending on the environment. The classic two chair set is perfect for an intimate setting. While we have another kind of set up we have 3 chairs that are larger than others. They can accommodate more people but you need to have enough space. For example, a compact balcony is very common to set 2 chairs,offering some furniture that are foldable to maximize the space and improve the efficiency. But if we have more space such as a garden, we can implement the other set up to get a different environment. 

Theme and style

The different kinds of themes or styles depend entirely on the environment and the context. Also it is important to mention the personal tastes and preferences of the people that have their own Bistro Set. For example, one of the most common styles is the vintage bistro set, that offers furniture with some ornate design and antique finishes, showing nostalgic charm. Another kind of design is the contemporary bistro sets, that focus on a minimalist design, and some modern materials, given a touch of modernity. Also we have the cultural motifs, such as Mediterranean or Asian designs, offering a unique  and exotic design. Also, as we mentioned, the design is made by the preference of the people that create their own bistro set.

What Is A Bistro Set?

Practical Uses and Benefits

There are some common uses and benefits that we can get with a bistro set.

Outdoor Dining

These kinds of Bistro essentials are perfect to intimate or to have a better outdoor dining experience. You can include a Bistro cozy breakfast on the balcony, or a romantic dinner, or a casual coffee in the garden, they are perfect to provide the best for these kinds of occasions. Their compact size makes perfect for that idea in small outdoor spaces, allowing for a new experience in the area.


There are many ideas for spots for socialising, offering some comfortable spaces for conversation with friends or family. Also it is very fit to have a solitary moment, providing a peaceful retreat for reading, or working. You can visit Jardina to get a new variety of bistro sets that can fit better to you.

What Is A Bistro Set?

Buying Guide and Maintenance Tips

We have some consideration to have a buying guide to get a new bistro set. One of them is the material, colors and the size. Now, we are going to check which one is the most important for you.


When you are choosing a new bistro set, some factors such as space, style, durability and the most important, your budget appear. All depends on your choice, so you have to check what is the most important characteristic for your environment, thinking if the size is the correct to buy a new one, also you have to make a decision about which kind of material is better for you.


There are a lot of methods to improve the lifespan of our new bistro set, but regular maintenance is very important in this case. All depend on the material, for example clean metal sets with mild soap and water is better to prevent the deterioration.  There are other kinds of materials like the wooden sets that should have a different treatment with appropriate oils. 

What Is A Bistro Set?


To conclude with, we have a different kind of way to get a new bistro set, there are different kinds of styles, materials, sizing, and all decisions depend on the environment and the spaces. It is important to remember that we need to give constant maintenance to improve the lifespan of our new bistro set. Also the style is very important to define which kind of place we are going to have. The bistro set is an important offer to socialise, relax and optimize some small spaces. For a more range of bistro sets and accessories, you can visit our website Jardina to get a new one on your garden, balcony, or in an outdoor room. 

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