Resin Wicker Furniture: Should You Buy Them?

Resin Wicker Furniture: Should You Buy Them?

You must have seen resin wicker furniture. This furniture is also called polyethylene rattan. This style of chairs and tables are some of our best selling products. Should you buy this furniture style? This article discusses why owning resin wicker furniture is an excellent choice.

What Is Resin Wicker?

Wicker is the weaving process used to make these furniture pieces. Natural wicker involves weaving fibers from reed, rattan, bamboo, or willow plants. This is how you get those inviting furniture with nice patterns. But resin wicker is synthetic. The process uses artificial materials to make the same products. Resin wicker uses polyethylene (PE) or PVC in the design. This process creates durable, easy-to-maintain furniture. 

Resin Wicker Furniture: Should You Buy Them?

Understanding Resin Wicker

How are resin wickers made, and how do they compare to natural ones? 

How Resin Wicker Compares to Natural Wicker

If you are shopping for furniture, which style should you choose? These two designs can create attractive-looking pieces. But natural and resin wicker are different. 

Natural wicker is made from plants. Furniture made this way is not strong enough to withstand rain, snow, and shine. So, you cannot leave it unprotected on the patio or in the garden. But natural wicker will serve your indoor needs. 

In contrast, synthetic wicker is made for such hash environments. Your dining sets and beds can have that natural look and last longer. Synthetic resin is made from extracted plant matter. The resin goes through a special process, making it strong. This artificial step helps to create weather-resistant furniture. We have compared these two designs below:

Resin Wicker Furniture: Should You Buy Them?


Natural Wicker

Synthetic Wicker


Natural, plant-based

Synthetic, plastic-based


Less durable

More durable


Needs more maintenance



Limited style options

Available in a variety of colors, shapes, and styles


Indoor use only

Suitable for indoor and outdoor use


Moderate to high

Low to moderate

How Resin Wicker Is Made

Today, PVC (polyvinyl chloride) and HDPE (high-density polyethylene) can make synthetic wicker. But HDPE fibers produce the best results. The fiber is combined with an aluminum or iron frame for more durable results. We then dye the fiber with ultraviolet-resistant colors. This keeps its beauty despite outdoor use. Synthetic wicker fibers are resistant to chlorine, making them suitable for poolside use. 

Resin Wicker Furniture: Should You Buy Them?

Features of Resin Wicker

Resin wicker has some cool features that make it a great choice. For example, its design is durable, lightweight, and eco-friendly. Consider its full features and benefits:


Synthetic wicker is longer-lasting than natural rattan. We fortify the material so it can handle everyday party or outdoor use. Furniture pieces made this way can last up to 7 years. Ordering resin wicker will save you the cost of frequent furniture replacement. 

Low maintenance 

Maintaining the furniture is basic and easy. Soak a piece of cloth in water and wipe the surface. This will remove dirt and dust from the surface. Also, you can arrange the furnishings in a dry place when not in use. Maintenance is neither expensive nor time-consuming. 


Unlike glass or wooden furniture, resin wicker is super light. Anyone can move them around without help. You can set up chairs and tables for a party without stress.

Custom colors and styles 

Synthetic wicker is available in more colors and styles. So you can pick your preferred furniture design. 


This process does not involve using natural plants. Further, natural wicker may need replacement after a short time. However, you can save valuable resources with durable resin wicker furnishings. 

    Advantages of Using Resin Wicker

    When our customers order resin wicker furniture, they do so for one or more of these reasons:


    Unlike plastic, the item is hard to crack or peel. As a result, it looks good despite daily usage. 

    Ideal in different situations 

    You can use polyethylene rattan furniture for your indoor or outdoor events. They support different decorations. For example, your party decoration can be traditional or modern. This flexibility allows you to style your events according to your preferences.


    Synthetic resins are less than natural ones. They are cheaper than glass, metal, or wooden furnishings. So, you can buy great furniture pieces on a budget.


    These synthetic chairs and beds are popular among users who prioritize comfort. For extra comfort, you can add a soft cushion to the furniture. Many of our aged users say they enjoy sitting on the chairs and laying on the beds. 

    Different options available 

    Synthetic wicker gives you more options. So, you can choose from different colors and styles.

      Resin Wicker Furniture: Should You Buy Them?

      Applications of Resin Wicker

      Should you order these synthetic furnishings? Well, households and business places can profit from owning these pieces. We have listed some ideas for using these items:

      Outdoor furniture 

      Many patio and dining sets are made of resin wicker. Also, they make beautiful lounge chairs for your home or business. So you can be confident that your guests will enjoy their time at parties or other outdoor games. Further, your furniture won't go bad from wetness or carefree handling. 

      Indoor furniture 

      They are a great addition to your lounges, living rooms, and bedrooms. They give your space a homely and inviting feel. Anyone can tell that you care about beauty and comfort. 

      Commercial spaces 

      Bars, beaches, hotels, and restaurants use this furniture style. Its lightweight and high durability make it ideal for these settings. Also, it's an affordable investment for businesses wishing to cut costs and make a profit.

      For decorative use 

      You can use polyethylene-based designs to decorate places and events. Some locations use planters and baskets made from resin wicker. These items serve a storage function and help beautify the environment. Guests are drawn to these designs.

        Resin Wicker Furniture: Should You Buy Them?

        Care and Maintenance Tips for Resin Wicker Furniture

        You can clean your furniture every day. The material is waterproof, so you don't risk damaging them. First of all, clean the cushion covers using a soft-bristle brush. Further, you can vacuum the cushion covers to remove excess dirt or dust. 

        What if there is tough dirt on the cushion fabric? Mix mild detergent or soap to warm water. Damp your sponge into this mixture and scrub the stain gently. Later, hang the cover in the open so that it dries. 

        Next, you can use a garden hose to clean the furniture itself. Otherwise, you can use a bucket of warm water. Mix a mild detergent with the water until it foams. Next, use this solution to brush the wicker gently. Remember to rinse the furniture as soon as you are done with cleaning. Otherwise, the cleaning agent can bleach or fade the furniture painting. 

        While keeping the furniture dirt-free, ensure it's safe from extreme heat. Avoid placing it near a fire. Fire can damage your investments by melting or changing the furniture's shape. The furniture can become weak when exposed to constant rain or snow. 

        Are there periods when you won't need the furniture? Instead of leaving it in the open, store it in a dry shade. You can easily move it back when you wish to resume use.

        If you have minor cosmetic damage, fix it with wood glue and then let it dry before use. For major issues, you should take the wicker furniture to a professional.


        Wicker furniture is an enduring craft that has evolved to last longer. In this article, we have discussed why you should consider these furniture pieces. You can  order it online from the masters of the craft. At  Jardina, we are proud to make durable, aesthetically pleasing, and affordable sets. You can transform your outdoor experience by ordering our resin wicker sets. 

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