How To Clean Wicker Patio Furniture

How To Clean Wicker Patio Furniture

You should keep wicker patio furniture clean if you want it to look nice for a long time. Exposure to extreme weather conditions can cause wear and tear if it is not maintained properly. 

Having said that, how do you clean your wicker patio furniture? We are here to walk you through simple and effective ways to do so. This will ensure good maintenance and durability.

Understanding Wicker Furniture

Before we dive into the main discussion, let us take a moment to understand Wicker Furniture. 

Wicker furniture is generally made of reed, bamboo, and cane, all organic plants. Some types of this furniture are created with synthetic materials like PVC and nylon. These are known as resin-wicker furniture. 

Advantages of Wicker Patio Furniture

These are great reasons to choose wicker patio furniture:

  1. Appearance: They are suitable for outdoor space. An elegant option for decorating an outdoor area.
  2. Durability: Quality wicker furniture is very reliable. It can handle sun, rain, and wind without losing its quality. You can enjoy your outdoor oasis for a long period.
  3. Flexibility: Do you need to switch things up? No problem! Wicker furniture is so easy to move around. You can set up and rearrange as much as possible and anytime you desire.

    Challenges of Wicker Patio Furniture

    Now, these are the challenges you might encounter with wicker patio furniture:

    1. Maintenance: It takes a lot of effort to maintain wicker patio furniture. You will have to clean from time to time. Dirt and dust will likely pile up in the wooden strands if not maintained.
    2. Pests: Some bugs see wicker as a perfect house. You have to cultivate regular checks and proper storage. This will prevent damage to the furniture. 
    3. Weather: As much as wicker furniture can handle mild weather, extreme weather conditions are a threat. Too much sun and rain can reduce its longevity. You should have some protective covers in place against harsh weather.
    How To Clean Wicker Patio Furniture

      Preparing for Cleaning

      Are you getting prepared to clean your wicker patio furniture? We are here to help. These tips will make your cleaning seamless and easy. 

      Gathering the Necessary Materials

      First thing first, you need to get your tools ready. You will need the following materials to clean wicker furniture:

      • A soft brush
      • A bucket of warm water (with mild detergent)
      • Some clean clothes or sponges
      • A hand vacuum with a brush attachment can work in place of a brush

      Cleaning Spot: Find an ample space outside that is big enough for the furniture. The space might not be exposed to sunlight but must be well-ventilated. This is needed for the furniture to dry up after cleaning.

      Get Organized: Carry out the dirty furniture you intend to clean. Also, bring out the tools needed for the cleaning. Make sure the tools and furniture are placed correctly. It will ease the cleaning process.

      Accessing the Condition of the Furniture 

      Check areas on the furniture that need extra attention. These areas might be with deep dirt or damaged areas. Call for professional help where necessary if there is wear on the furniture.

      Precautions To Take Before Cleaning

      Before you begin to clean your furniture, take these precautions properly:

      Manufacturer’s Instructions: Did you get the manufacturer’s guide after buying the furniture? It will come in handy. The manufacturer might have some recommendations on how to clean the furniture. Make sure you follow the instructions properly, as written by the manufacturer.

      Protect Fabric and Cushions: Remove fabric and cushions before cleaning. Based on care instructions, you can clean them separately. Cleaning fabrics together with the furniture can damage them.

      Test Cleaning Solution: Before you apply the cleaning mixture to the entire furniture, try it on a smaller area first. A wrong mixture can cause discoloration to the wicker patio furniture.

      Protect Yourself: Use hand gloves depending on the cleaning solutions you will use. This will protect your hands from reaction. Wear sunglasses to protect your eyes against the sun. Also, drink water to stay hydrated.

      How To Clean Wicker Patio Furniture

      Cleaning Methods

      There are two major methods to clean wicker furniture. These are dry and wet cleaning techniques.

      Dry Cleaning Techniques

      You use this method without water. Some of the techniques include:

      Compressed Air: Compressed air in a canister blows away dirt and dust on wicker furniture. This is a very effective method for cleaning hard-to-reach areas. 

      Vacuuming: A vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment can remove dust on wicker furniture. The method requires a gentle approach when utilized. You have to set a low setting on the brush attachment. This will prevent damage to the furniture. 

      Dry Cloth: A clean cloth is another dry cleaning tool .Dry cloth is used to remove dirt from the furniture. Microfiber cloths are more effective, as they trap dust better.

      Brushing with a Soft Brush: Sometimes, try a soft brush to gently wipe away debris from wicker furniture. Do not use a hard brush to clean. This will help you avoid scratches on the furniture.

      Wet Cleaning Techniques

      This is the opposite of the dry cleaning technique. It involves the use of water and some cleaning solutions.

      1. Firstly, add some water inside an empty bucket. Then, add mild detergent to the water. Be sure to use a good detergent. A bad one can cause irreplaceable damage to the furniture.
      2. Try the cleaning mix on a small, hidden part of the furniture before applying it everywhere. This will ensure that the mixture won’t damage the wicker furniture. Clean the furniture until you are satisfied with the result.

        Removing Stains and Mildew

        Stains and mildew are tough to remove from wicker furniture. It is important to take extra caution during the cleaning process. How can you tackle these stains effectively?

        Vinegar Solution for Mildew: This solution effectively removes mildew on wicker furniture. To create a vinegar-cleaning solution, mix a portion of warm water and mild detergent. Add a small amount of white vinegar to the mixture.

        Dip a soft brush or a clean cloth into the cleaning mixture, after mixing thoroughly. Use a clean cloth, or brush to scrub the affected area gently. Avoid using hard materials to scrub or you might risk damaging your wicker furniture.

        Baking Soda Paste for Stubborn Stains: Find a small bowl for this mixture. Mix baking soda with a small amount of water to form a thick paste. To achieve a desirable result, mix the water and baking soda in ratio. When you are pleased with the mixture, apply a soft brush or clean cloth to the furniture. 

        Make sure the mixture is directly pasted on stains on the wicker furniture. Allow the paste to sit on the stain for 30 minutes or more. This will allow the soda paste to work effectively. Use a soft brush to scrub the surface gently. The baking soda will wash the tough stains away.

        How To Clean Wicker Patio Furniture

        Rinsing and Drying 

        After cleaning, there are several ways to rinse and dry your wicker patio furniture. They include:

        Rinse with Clean Water

        After scrubbing the surface, rinse the wicker furniture with clean water. Remove the baking soda paste. Do not leave the paste residue on the furniture.

        Drying Methods for Wicker Furniture

        Use these methods to dry your wicker furniture:

        Air-drying in Sunlight: The final process allows the furniture to dry in a well-ventilated environment. We advise you to avoid too much sunlight. This is to prevent the wicker from fading.

        Using a Fan or Hair Dryer for Quick Drying: You can fast-track the drying process with one or multiple fans. The fan is positioned so that it blows directly into the wicker furniture. This method is safer than using a hairdryer. If the setting on the hair dryer is too high, it can overheat the wicker furniture.

        How To Clean Wicker Patio Furniture

        Maintenance Tips

        If you want to keep your  wicker furniture  in good shape, we advise you to cultivate these tips:

        Regular Cleaning Schedule

        You can schedule a time to clean your wicker furniture at convenient intervals. Weekly or monthly, make sure you regularly clean the furniture for proper maintenance. This will prevent dirt from stacking on the furniture. A dump of dirt will damage the furniture.

        Applying Protective Coatings or Sealants

        Consider coating your wicker furniture to protect it from moisture that might shorten its lifespan. Thin wax or oil are examples of coatings that you can use on wicker furniture. Seek your manufacturer’s advice to determine the best coating for your product.

        Storing Wicker Furniture During Harsh Weather Conditions

        During unfavorable weather conditions, keep your wicker furniture in safe places. For example, a garage or shed is better than storing directly on the ground. Placing it on the floor will expose the furniture to moisture. 

        How To Clean Wicker Patio Furniture

        Troubleshooting Common Issues

        Your furniture may begin to grow mold or lose color. But the following tips will help you handle these issues:

        Dealing with Discoloration

        It can be sad to see your furniture fading off. You can control this issue with furniture spray and die. Before you apply the spray or die, clean the furniture thoroughly. Make sure the spray is a quality product. Also, follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully when using.

        Repairing Minor Damages

        Wood glue can reattach the loose parts if you notice loose strands on your wicker furniture. Apply wood glue to the loose strands and gently push them back to their original positions. The next step is to give the wood glue time to dry. It is cost-effective and durable.

        Preventing Mold and Mildew Growth

        Spray the affected area with white vinegar and water. Let the spray fit in for 10-15 minutes. Scrub the furniture with a soft brush, then rinse it with clean water. 

        How To Clean Wicker Patio Furniture


        Investing time and effort in cleaning your wicker patio furniture preserves and makes it function for many years. It will also promote a healthier living space for you and yours. You can order  high-quality wicker patio furniture  online from a trusted vendor like  Jardina 

        Here, we love leaving smiles on our customer’s faces. It’s why we offer a seamless buying experience. In addition, we publish regular helpful tips for maintaining your furniture. 

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