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How To Clean Aluminum Patio Furniture? 【Ultimate Guide】

How To Clean Aluminum Patio Furniture?

Embracing the outdoors on your patio is one of life's simple pleasures. However, over time, your beloved aluminum patio furniture might lose its sparkle due to exposure to the elements. But fear not, restoring its shine and ensuring its longevity is simpler than you might think. In this guide, we'll walk you through effective methods and tips to clean and maintain your aluminum patio furniture, bringing back its luster and ensuring many more enjoyable moments under the open sky.

Aluminum vs Cast Aluminum Patio Furniture

What is aluminum patio furniture?

aluminum patio furniture

The typical aluminum outdoor furniture is most often composed of hollow tubular pieces that are then welded together to create a frame. These aluminum tubes allow for the patio furniture to be light weight and easy to transport and store, and it is very easy to shape and design. For many situations, this type of aluminum is perfect, but due to the limitation of the aluminum tubes, this type of furniture often lacks detail.

What is cast aluminum patio furniture?

cast aluminum patio furniture

Unlike tubular kinds, cast aluminum furniture is solid and therefore heavier than the others. Since cast aluminum is pure and tough, it is probably the most popular type of aluminum outdoor furniture. Cast aluminum furniture starts with making a mold. The mold is then filled with molten aluminum and allowed to cool. Using a mold allows for cast aluminum furniture to feature intricate design elements, making these pieces much more sophisticated and stylized.

You might have also come across Powder-Coated Aluminum Patio Furniture; it's essentially a craft. This kind of surface treatment is carried out through a process known as powder coating, which involves applying dry powder to the surface of aluminum through electrostatic means. Due to the static charge, the powder particles adhere to the metal, and subsequently, the furniture is solidified in an oven, where the powder melts and forms a smooth protective layer. This technique reduces the need for furniture maintenance while simultaneously extending the lifespan of outdoor furniture. Almost all outdoor aluminum furniture employs Powder-Coated technology. For instance, all of Jardina's Aluminum Patio Furniture utilizes a sturdy powder-coated aluminum frame, ensuring a reliable purchase.

How To Clean Aluminum Patio Furniture?

Cleaning aluminum patio furniture is a straightforward process that helps maintain its appearance and durability. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to clean your aluminum patio furniture:

How To Clean Aluminum Patio Furniture

Materials You'll Need:

  • Mild dish soap or aluminum cleaner
  • Water
  • Soft-bristle brush or cloth
  • Bucket
  • Garden hose with a spray nozzle
  • Microfiber or soft towels


1. Remove Loose Debris: Start by brushing off any loose dirt, leaves, or debris from the furniture's surface using a soft-bristle brush or cloth.

2. Prepare Cleaning Solution: Fill a bucket with warm water and add a small amount of mild dish soap or a specialized aluminum cleaner. Follow the manufacturer's instructions on the cleaner's label for proper dilution.

3. Wash the Furniture:

  • Dip the soft-bristle brush or cloth into the cleaning solution and gently scrub the aluminum surfaces. Avoid using abrasive materials that could scratch the finish.
  • Pay extra attention to areas with visible dirt, stains, or grime. For tougher stains, you might need to apply a bit more pressure, but be cautious not to damage the finish.
  • If you're cleaning cushions or fabric components, refer to the care instructions provided by the manufacturer.

4. Rinse Thoroughly: After scrubbing, use a garden hose with a gentle spray nozzle to thoroughly rinse off the cleaning solution from the aluminum surfaces. Ensure that all soap residue is washed away.

5. Dry the Furniture:

    • Use microfiber or soft towels to dry the furniture. This step helps prevent water spots or mineral deposits from forming on the surface.
    • If possible, let the furniture air dry in the sun to ensure that all moisture is evaporated.

    6. Apply Protective Wax (Optional): If you want to provide extra protection against the elements, you can apply a thin layer of automotive wax or specialized aluminum wax following the manufacturer's instructions. This can help prolong the life of the powder-coated finish.

    7. Regular Maintenance:

    • Regularly wipe down your aluminum furniture with a clean, damp cloth to remove dust and light dirt.
    • Cover your furniture during harsh weather conditions or when not in use to minimize exposure to the elements.

    Please keep in mind that the cleaning frequency might depend on the local climate and how frequently you use your outdoor furniture. Whether to clean aluminum patio furniture, powder-coated aluminum patio furniture, or cast aluminum patio furniture, the methods are essentially the same. By following these steps, you can ensure that your aluminum patio furniture remains visually appealing and ready for outdoor enjoyment. Cleaning aluminum patio furniture is a remarkably straightforward task, and with its enduring durability, aluminum outdoor furniture stands as a prime choice.

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