How Much Does a Gazebo Cost?

How Much Does a Gazebo Cost?

Homeowners sometimes wonder about the sort of changes that they could make to bring out the beauty of their residence. Well, very few improvements that stop introducing a gazebo structure in the garden. 

A gazebo is a simple outdoor, roofed structure where you can relax and enjoy a great view of your surroundings. It’s a high utility structure, but some homeowners install them for their beauty. 

So, you may enjoy taking occasional outdoor naps on a cool and windy day. Or you may be on the lookout for ways to complement the design of your home or garden. Either way, a gazebo structure will fulfill these needs. 

Do you wonder how to buy high-quality gazebos without giving up an arm and a leg? Then hang on. We’ve written this guide for homeowners like you. 

How to Determine the Cost of Your Dream Gazebo Home

Gazebos are like any other commodity. Often, you will be able to find low-priced and high-end gazebos. It comes down to your needs and requirements. The cost of your dream gazebo will depend on the size and design style. Below, we have jotted down some of the variables that are responsible for regulating the price of a gazebo. 

How Much Does a Gazebo Cost?

Variables That Impact the Cost of Gazebos

When it comes to price, all gazebos are not equal. Some are more expensive than others. You can buy an inexpensive gazebo when you know what is influencing the cost. This knowledge will help you plan with your budget and needs in mind. Here are some variables that drive the cost of gazebos:

How Big and Stylish You Want Your Gazebo

It makes sense that bigger-sized gazebos cost more. So, you can save some extra money by opting for a smaller unit. However, you should go for a unit that can at least host family members and guests. In the same vein, a complex design will increase the price of a unit. Often, you beat down costs by choosing a style with moderate or minimal design. 

What Your Gazebo Is Made Of

Gazebo manufacturers use all sorts of materials to design the unit. Wood, vinyl, metal, and composite are common types of materials used in the construction. For example, we make aluminum-based gazebos. While metal-based gazebos are more durable than others, they may incur a little extra cost. Also, it’s not unusual for wooden gazebos to sell at different costs. So, a redwood unit may be more expensive than one that is made from pine. 

The Roofing Material Used

The roofing material can influence your experience when using a gazebo. Some materials are really good insulators, helping you enjoy your time under the gazebo. Whereas some materials are more durable than others. They remain intact for a long time and will save you replacement costs in the long term. Gazebo roofing materials have different qualities and prices. 

Extra Features on the Structure

You can make your gazebo really fanciful. You may have noticed some owners include a television, curtains, special floors, and patio furniture in the structure. These adornments are lovely but can cost a fortune. Sometimes, their overall cost may surpass what you paid for the gazebo. However, some people prefer fully furnished spaces like this one. Whether you opt for a design like this or not depends on your purpose for the structure.  

How Much Does a Gazebo Cost?

What Will the Different Styles of Gazebos Cost?

The cost of gazebos largely depends on the material type you prefer. Sometimes, the cost of the different materials may overlap, but we’ve provided a rough estimate that you can work with:

Basic Wooden Gazebo

A wooden gazebo can start at $1500, but it can reach $10,000, as shown below:

  • Small: $1500 - $3000
  • Medium: $3000 - $6000
  • Large: $6000 - $10000 and above

Vinyl Gazebo

Vinyl can be more expensive than wood:

  • Small: $2000 - $4000
  • Medium: $4000 - $8000
  • Large: $8000 - $12000 and above

Metal Gazebo

You purchase metal gazebos within these price ranges:

  • Small: $500 - $1500
  • Medium: $1500 - $3000
  • Large: $3000 - $6000 and above

Composite Gazebo

These designs can start at $3,000 but reach $12,000:

  • Small: $3000 - $5000
  • Medium: $5000 - $8000
  • Large: $8000 - $12000 and above
How Much Does a Gazebo Cost?

The Cost of Installing the Structure

As you have seen, the gazebo’s size, design, and location can decide the cost of the structure. An elaborate structure will likely need more time and labor to install. These conditions can increase your expenses compared to when you want a small or medium-sized structure.

How does your location affect the cost of installation? You might ask. Let us discuss how geography can influence the amount you pay for installation.

Every country has its labor rate. This rate can be higher in some countries than in others. For example, labor tends to be cheaper in many African and Asian regions. So, you can end up paying considerably less if you install a gazebo in these regions.

However, if your property is in a remote area with bad terrain, installers will charge you more. For instance, you will likely pay extra fees to transport the material to your location. Also, you’d pay more to correct faults on the installation site before erecting the gazebo. In these ways, your location can influence the installation cost of a gazebo.

However, you can still enjoy a good deal by contacting many local companies to compare their prices before settling for the best. Still, be careful not to lose with this approach. Remember the saying, “If it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is.”

How Much Does a Gazebo Cost?

Other Cost Considerations for Gazebo Installations

Many factors come together to determine the cost of a gazebo. For example, local regulations, maintenance costs, and installation style will impact what you pay for a gazebo. Let’s now dig into some of these factors. 

DIY (Do It Yourself) or Professional Gazebo Installation?

Some skilled homeowners prefer to install gazebos themselves with domestic help. However, you can hire professionals if you don’t feel too confident in your skill level. Both methods have their advantages and drawbacks. Check these out:

DIY Installation Style

DIY (Do It Yourself) installation saves costs. After all, you are the designer and the installer. You can pocket whatever money a professional would normally charge. Also, this method is flexible. You can work according to your schedule and complete the work at your convenience.

Why You Shouldn’t DIY

Is your skill level solid? Gazebos can be difficult to piece together. So, you should consider outsourcing the job if you don’t feel too confident. Also, the installation process can be time-consuming, especially for inexperienced individuals. If you judge that you won’t be available, you can hire a professional for a more timely installation. 

Professional Gazebo Installation

Similar to a DIY approach, outsourcing the job to a professional has its advantages and drawbacks.

You can trust a professional to handle your installation without worrying if the structure is solid or missing a key component. Also, most experts will complete the setup within a few hours, depending on the complexity. This hastened setup is crucial for emergencies or time-bound situations. 

The Disadvantages of Hiring Professionals

Professionals will demand more money for their labor. This can stretch your pockets, depending on your budget. Also, in some situations, the professionals can be fully engaged and unavailable for your job when needed. 

There you have the different types of gazebo installations. Most homeowners prefer low-cost options. But when it comes to gazebo installations, be careful to choose correctly. Otherwise, you may end up spending more for reinstallation or broken parts if the job is not done correctly. 

The Role of Local Regulations and Permits During Installation

Do the local laws permit gazebo construction? Often, you can find such information by looking it up or asking a knowledgeable neighbor. You can be in trouble for flouting a known rule. Hence, you must make your findings before installing a gazebo on the property. 

Usually, big-sized gazebos require a permit before installation. Be sure to check on with the authorities. 

Post-Installation Maintenance Costs 

After installation, you will need to clean and maintain the unit. Some owners choose to do this daily or weekly. How often do you use the unit, and how dirt-prone is the gazebo? These questions will help you determine how often you should maintain the structure. 

Proper maintenance will help you enjoy the most utility from your gazebo. Also, when deciding the type of gazebo to purchase, think about the maintenance costs. For example, wooden gazebos will cost more to maintain than vinyl gazebos.

Warranty and Longevity of Your Gazebo

To enjoy peace, buy gazebos from a warranty-issuing company. Imagine that your gazebo is affected by unexpected events or unfavorable weather. Some companies cover your purchase for a few years. You can inquire from the manufacturer about whether they offer a warranty and the nature of their offer. 

A long-lasting gazebo starts with good materials and high-quality construction. If you buy substandard gazebo materials, your structure may develop faults before long. In contrast, you get highly durable products when you order from a trusted manufacturer like Jardina

How Much Does a Gazebo Cost?

Cost-Savings Tips for Gazebo Installation

You must not spend too much on a quality gazebo. If you are clever with your spending and have a good action plan, you will save more money.  Here are our best cost-saving tips that you can implement: 

Compare Gazebo Prices When Shopping

Don't stop at the first quotation if you plan to save money. Explore different manufacturers and compare their prices. If you do this well, you can get a good deal at a fair price. 

Timing of Purchase

Buy your gazebo when manufacturers offer promotional offers or during off-season periods. When a sale is announced, you can get the product you want at a bargain price. So, you should take advantage of special sales when you can. You may need to plan your purchase to take advantage of available discounts.

Choose Simpler Gazebo Designs

Keep your gazebo design simple and uncomplicated. Complex designs tend to attract higher costs. In contrast, a simple design will save both money and labor.

Use the DIY Option

If you can read the installation guide patiently, you’re one step closer to doing it yourself. Also, check to make sure you have time to complete the process. What tools will it require? Are the tools available? With the required tools and skills, you can complete the task. This installation option will save you labor costs.

How Much Does a Gazebo Cost?


We have discussed the cost of a gazebo and the main factors that affect its price. These factors include size and designs, materials used, roofing materials, and additional features. We have also explored some options to minimize costs. 

You can read more tips on gazebos on our blog. In addition, you can order cost-effective, high-quality gazebo structures on Jardina. We deliver to your door and offer post-sale services so you can get the most out of these beautiful outdoor structures. 

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