Why PE Rattan Is Great for Indoor and Outdoor Furniture

Why PE Rattan Is Great for Indoor and Outdoor Furniture

Several materials are used to make furniture. But one has stood out more than others: PE (polyethylene) rattan. You must have seen furniture made this way even without knowing. What is this material like, and why are they popular? We will answer this in this post. 

Why PE Rattan Is Great for Indoor and Outdoor Furniture

What is PE Rattan?

PE rattan is also known as polyethylene or resin rattan. Unlike natural rattan, the material is man-made. Manufacturers weave the fibers to make furniture, such as tables and chairs. The natural type is made from plants. This material loses its color in sunlight or grows mold when wet. 

However, the synthetic type is more rigid and durable, so it's suitable for outdoor furniture. Still, this type is flexible and comfortable, like the natural kind. As a result, the furniture can handle wetness or sunshine. 

We will discuss ways to use and maintain this furniture. Also, we will show you how to order high-quality rattan furniture online. 

Why PE Rattan Is Great for Indoor and Outdoor Furniture

Characteristics of PE Rattan

The material has several features that stand out. For example, it’s flexible, durable, and low-maintenance. We will now talk about these qualities:

High Durability

This material is weatherproof. We make these items from high-quality resin, so they serve you for a long time. You can use the furniture under any weather, rain or shine. So, they can last up to 10 years when managed properly. Also, fully assembled furniture will last longer than self-assembled ones. We piece the different frames tightly together so they are intact. But if you order a self-assembled pack, ensure to tighten the nuts and screws. 

High Flexibility

Synthetic rattan is woven just like the natural kind. However, man-made rattan is more flexible. We make them from high-density polyethylene. We weave the material into various useful shapes and patterns. Also, the furniture is lightweight and can be moved easily.  Its flexibility makes it comfortable and functional. Whether you order a table or chair, you can be sure it will serve its needs. 

Low Maintenance

PE rattan needs less maintenance than traditional wicker. For example, natural wicker will rot if kept in a cool or wet environment. So, your furniture can damage sooner. 

However, PE rattan needs little maintenance. Our furniture is waterproof, weatherproof, and crack-resistant. So, you just need to wipe the surface with a wet cloth, and the furniture will be new again. This feature will save time and effort. In addition, this durability saves you the cost of buying a replacement.

Available in Various Colors and Shapes 

We form the furniture into various colors and patterns. These options give you a variety to choose from. Also, you can pick a product that will serve your specific needs. We paint the items a solid color, whether grey, black, or white. 

Why PE Rattan Is Great for Indoor and Outdoor Furniture

The Various Uses of PE Rattan

People use the polyethylene-based type in different situations. Many homes have furniture and decorations that use this material. Also, many outdoor furniture are made from this material. Consider these popular uses below:

  1. Outdoor Furniture: Chairs, sofas, and tables are everyday items made with the material. People place these items in a garden or patio to sit and relax outside. The material does not absorb dust or water, so you can use it outdoors. 
  2. Inside Furniture: The material is also great for indoor furniture. Some households use polyethylene-based dining sets, chairs, and coffee tables. This design can style your dining and make it comfortable. 
  3. Relaxation Chairs and Beds: The material offers comfort and flexibility. So, it's ideal for making chairs and beds for relaxation. These pieces can have an adjustable backrest. Also, you can add a cushion to enjoy more comfort.
  4. Decorative Materials: Polyethylene rattan is used to make household baskets and planters. These decorative items have a natural look and help to beautify our environment. 
  5. Furniture for Bars: This material is suitable for business places. Some bar stools and counters are made of it. The furniture is stylish, making your bar more attractive. It can also withstand everyday use. 
  6. Furniture for Pets: Synthetic beds are durable and easy to clean. So, they make an excellent furniture or home for your pets. 

Do you need furniture or decorations for your home or business? Let’s now see the benefits of using these designs. 

Why PE Rattan Is Great for Indoor and Outdoor Furniture

Benefits of PE Rattan

Polyethylene-based furniture and decorations have several benefits. It's no wonder they are popular for both indoor and outdoor settings. Some of the benefits include: 

Weather Resistant

Polyethylene rattan is unaffected by harsh weather, such as sunlight and rain. This means you can use it for outdoor furniture. You don't have to worry about replacing damaged furniture whenever you leave it in the rain.

Long Lasting

Synthetic PE rattan is durable. Your furniture and decorations look good despite everyday use.

Easy to Care for 

The material needs little maintenance. You can clean it with a simple wipe using a damp cloth. This will save you time and effort. 

Flexible Design

We weave the material into different shapes. So you can have stylish and attractive furniture pieces.


The furniture is lightweight and easy to move or rearrange. This is great if you will be moving the items around. 

Comfortable Design

The furniture is comfy to sit on. You can combine it with cushions for extra comfort. The flexible design allows you to relax. 

Versatile Design

You can use the furniture in various settings. Whether in-house or outside, in traditional or modern settings, the design will serve. 


PE rattan is an eco-friendly choice for furniture design. This material uses fewer natural resources. Also, you can use this item for a long time before replacing it.


PE rattan furniture is more affordable than wooden or natural furniture. Hence, it's an excellent choice for low-budget but stylish furnishings.

Pest and Mold Resistant

Some environments suffer from pest or mold attacks. In such settings, using a pest and mold-resistant material is necessary.

Why PE Rattan Is Great for Indoor and Outdoor Furniture

Maintenance Tips for PE Rattan

PE rattan furniture is simple to maintain. You can prolong its longevity and visual appeal with these maintenance tips: 

  1. Clean with Mild Substances Wipe the surface with a soft, damp cloth. This will remove dust and dirt from the furniture. You can use a mild soap or soft brush for this purpose. Avoid harsh detergents, which can damage the furniture's protective coating. 
  2. Protect from Harsh Weather Avoid exposing your furniture to undue harsh weather. Constant sunlight or heavy rain can reduce its longevity. Store it in a shade when not in use. 
  3. Use Furniture Wax or Polish You can apply furniture wax or special polish. This will protect the surface and make it shine.
  4. Follow the Maker’s Guide Follow the product's care or maintenance guide. This will extend your furniture's lifespan.


PE rattan furniture is famous for various reasons. These pieces are weather-resistant and stylish and can serve indoor or outdoor purposes. At Jardina, we offer  high-quality, custom furnishings made from synthetic furniture. You can pick your favorite color, shape, or style. 

The many positive reviews confirm that our furniture is long-lasting and appealing. We can make you happy when you place your order today. 

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