Aluminum vs Cast Aluminum Patio Furniture, Which One is More Expensive?

Aluminum vs Cast Aluminum Patio Furniture, Which One is More Expensive?

Both aluminum and cast aluminum are commonly favored options for outdoor patio furniture due to their sturdy construction, lightweight attributes, and exceptional ability to withstand rust and corrosion.

When it comes to selecting outdoor furniture, we frequently encounter the terms "aluminum furniture" and "cast aluminum furniture." What are the fundamental distinctions between these two?


1. Manufacturing Process

Aluminum Patio Furniture: Aluminum patio furniture is made from solid sheets or tubular extrusions of aluminum. It's often less intricate in design compared to cast aluminum furniture.

Cast Aluminum Patio Furniture: Cast aluminum furniture is created by pouring molten aluminum into molds. This process allows for more intricate and detailed designs, making it a popular choice for furniture with ornate patterns and decorative elements.


2. Aesthetic Appeal

Aluminum Patio Furniture: While aluminum furniture can be stylish and modern, it typically has a simpler and cleaner design compared to cast aluminum. It's often chosen for its minimalist and contemporary look.

Cast Aluminum Patio Furniture: Cast aluminum furniture is known for its ornate and decorative designs. It can mimic the look of wrought iron furniture without the weight and rust issues associated with iron. Cast aluminum pieces can have intricate patterns and artistic detailing that adds a touch of elegance to outdoor spaces.


3. Weight

Aluminum Patio Furniture: Aluminum furniture is generally lightweight, making it easy to move around and rearrange in your outdoor space.

Cast Aluminum Patio Furniture: Cast aluminum furniture is somewhat heavier due to its solid construction. While it's not as heavy as wrought iron, it provides a more substantial feel compared to regular aluminum.

4. Durability and Maintenance

Both types of furniture offer good durability and resistance to rust and corrosion. However, cast aluminum, with its thicker and more solid construction, can be slightly more durable over the long term.

Now that we've explored the differences between the two, let's take a look at which one is more expensive? The answer is quite apparent.

Which One is More Expensive?

The casting process, along with the added design elements and the overall durability of cast aluminum, contributes to its higher price point compared to standard aluminum patio furniture. Cast aluminum furniture often mimics the look of wrought iron but without the susceptibility to rust.

How To Choose the Right One?

Ultimately, your choice between aluminum and cast aluminum patio furniture will depend on your aesthetic preferences, budget, and the overall design theme of your outdoor space. If you prefer a more classic and decorative look with intricate designs, cast aluminum might be a better fit. If you're looking for a modern and minimalist appearance, regular aluminum furniture could be more suitable.

Jardina outdoor aluminum furniture boasts a contemporary European style that seamlessly blends aesthetics and comfort. Designed to complement almost any casual or upscale decor, it delivers unparalleled value for your outdoor space. Jardina offers a vast selection of outdoor aluminum furniture in different designs to match your unique style and preference. Let's go ahead and choose your Aluminum Patio Furniture now:

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