What You Should Know About Patio Homes

What You Should Know About Patio Homes

Do you love simplicity and comfort? If yes, then you’ll love patio homes. These homes are trendy in housing choices nowaday. If you’re a minimalist who loves comfort, patio homes are your style. They are appealing and come with distinct features that will catch your eye.

However, before you buy a patio home, you need to understand more about this housing type. Read on to learn.

What You Should Know About Patio Homes

What Is a Patio Home?

A patio home doesn’t always have patio furniture; however, it could feature a concrete slab for seating. A patio home is always found with other patio homes. They are mostly found in communal living settings.

Since a patio home has a small outdoor space, many people call it a garden home. Patio homes come with small yard space that is close to your neighbors. Patio homes are in communities and have homeowners associations where you pay dues every month. The money is for the community’s upkeep. 

Patio Homes vs. Other Houses: Different Features

Home Type




A patio home

You’ll own both the land and the building

You share walls with neighbors

It has just one floor

A single-family house 

You’ll own both the land and the building

No shared wall

The number of floors vary

A condo

You’ll own the building but not the land rights

You share walls with neighbors

It has several floors

A townhouse

You’ll own your purchased portion of both land and building

You share one wall with neighbors

It can have two or more floors

What You Should Know About Patio Homes

Characteristics of Patio Homes

A patio home can meet your needs and requirements perfectly. Why is it such a good fit? We’d see:

Size and Layout of the Home

A patio home has only one level and can have a large living room and dining space, as well as, a 2-3 bedrooms and a garage. However, one downside you may not like is that patio homes often share walls with their neighbors, which affects privacy for you.

Outdoor Space Around the Home

Some patio houses have a patio you can sit in and enjoy your afternoon. The houses are part of a community where they share a big space. There are pools and parks for you and your neighbors to use.

Maintenance and Amenities in a Patio Home

You don’t need to spend a lot of money to take care of your house. As a result, patio houses are so easy for you to maintain. Less space means less work after all.

The houses also have many things that make life enjoyable. You and your neighbors will learn to share them. You’d get to share things like a playground for kids, swimming pools, and a golf court. Also, you can order furniture for your home to improve its appeal and utility. 

The Community Aspects of the Housing

One thing that you’ll like about these houses is the community aspect. But, you’ll need to pay some money to the house association every month. The money is what they use to maintain the community.

What You Should Know About Patio Homes

Why You’d Love Patio Homes (The Benefits)

So, why should you spend some quids to get a patio home? See some benefits:

They Are Low-Maintenance

The houses have small spaces so less maintenance for you. And remember, they have an association that helps with maintenance. So, all you’ve got to do is pay your dues. The association will do all the dirty work for you.

You Can Access Them Easily

One thing we know you’ll like is the comfort and accessibility. The houses don't come with staircases. So, they’re perfect for everyone. Even those with disabilities can move freely in such an accessible home. 

It Enables Community Living

What is one thing patio homes have in common with other houses? You guessed right. Community living! A community where people do things together. This community provides stuff like a pool, a gym, a social club, a tennis court, and events. These amenities will make you and your neighbors happy.

They Are Affordable

Another thing about patio houses is their price. They are small and so affordable. Are you on a budget? If so, patio houses should be your cup of tea. Moreover, the price is not always cheap. Your location and the housing market play roles. Still, when compared with the prices of a condo in low-income areas, they are more affordable.

What You Should Know About Patio Homes

Consider This Checklist When Buying Your First Patio Home

You’ve been saving for that patio home in your location. Now, your money is complete, and you’re ready to buy. Before you call your realtor to place a deal, let’s go through a basic checklist:

Homeowner's Association (HOA) Rules and Fees

Most times, a patio home is part of a community. As a result, there is a homeowners association. When you buy a patio, you’ll need to obey the rules of the association. They may tell you the best time to park your car or when you need to put up Christmas lights. By all means, you’ll need to follow the directions. Failure to do so is not right.

The association will also need you to pay some money. You may pay this monthly or annually. The money is for maintenance and utility bills. As earlier said, patio homes come with amenities, so this money will cover the maintenance of the amenities. 

Also, before buying a patio home, you’d need to meet some requirements. These requirements might be your age, number of kids, and pets. By all means, ask your realtor about this before buying a house.

The Location and Neighborhood of Your Planned Home

You know, location matters in the housing market. Don’t expect patio house prices to be similar in different places. Instead, ask yourself questions. Is the location I like expensive? Is it known for different crimes? Is my soon-to-be neighborhood friendly? How will they treat me as a stranger? Remember to ask yourself these questions.

Future Resale Value of the Home

After a while, you may want to sell your house. So, before you sign those closing papers, check the resale value of the house. This depends on the location and upgrades you make. But, before you decide to change anything in your home, you will need to tell the HOA. 

What You Should Know About Patio Homes

Lifestyle Alignment with the New Home

Are you a  shy, reserved individual? If so, adjusting to the community lifestyle of a patio home will be hard. Most patio homes share walls with neighbors. These neighbors might be noisy and disturb your peace all the time. If you like to be left alone, look for one that doesn’t share a wall. 

But what if you like the outdoors? Then, patio houses should not be a problem. However, not all come with a patio space to enjoy your outdoors. So, go for one that will give you what you want. Something that suits your lifestyle and preferences.

Above all, the amenities that come with a patio home might be what you like. If you have any you love the most, by all means go for a patio home that fits your preference.

What You Should Know About Patio Homes

Our Last Thought

If you’ve saved enough to buy a patio, what is holding you back from getting it? This home is the best for retirees and people with a simple eye. So, speak to your realtor today or start shopping for one by yourself. 

If you want the best furnishings for your patio home, check out our patio furniture collection today. Our furniture will fit any patio size and design. Also, our craftsmen take time to work on these pieces. Our customers tell us that our chairs and tables have started many fun conversations with their guests. We are eager to beautify your home today. 

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