How Bistro Furniture Can Transform Your Interior Design

How Bistro Furniture Can Transform Your Interior Design

Bistro furniture uses little space. You can find this furniture in restaurants, homes, and schools. The style is antique and classic. We make these chairs and tables from various materials and vibrant colors. No wonder it stands out on a restaurant's sidewalk. 

We'll now discuss the history of  bistro furniture, popular styles, and how you can choose one.

The Origins of Bistro Design 

The furniture was named after the restaurant: bistro. The history of bistros explains why these pieces have been valuable throughout the ages. 

Picture a narrow street in Paris with crammed sidewalks and restaurants. This setting allows for close interaction and laughter among friends. Unfortunately, the space is limited. So, restaurant owners must manage this situation. An obvious solution was to use smaller-than-usual chairs and tables. 

These tables came on the scene in the early 1600s. They were the perfect size for street dining. You can picture a couple sharing dinner or a bottle of wine on these two-seat tables.

By the late 1600s, tiny street cafes were all over Europe. They later became popular in American cities like New York. This trend later spread across the States by the early 20th century.

Hence, the term "bistro" is from the French word "bistro". It means "quick" or "fast". It reflects old Parisian culture, in which people stopped at a cafe for quick refreshment. They will later go on with their business. 

Today, guests identify cafes and restaurants with this furniture. Many householders also now prefer this style of decoration. It makes the home charming and cozy, so friends and family can enjoy intimacy at dinners and meal times. 

How Bistro Furniture Can Transform Your Interior Design

How the Design Has Evolved with Time

In the 1600s, marble bistro tabletops were the deal. But marble became limited. So, manufacturers in the 1800s used the more available wrought iron and wood for tabletop design. Today, you may notice that many high-end restaurants use marble or glass tabletops. Visitors immediately notice the style and distinction in these venues.

Meanwhile, aluminum tables are ideal for outdoor environments. Similarly, wooden bistro tables serve hangout purposes. Cafe and restaurant owners favor this choice since they're less expensive and easy to move around. At one time, the collapsible bistro table was the wave in Europe and America. Their usage has continued until now.

How Bistro Furniture Can Transform Your Interior Design

Characteristics of Bistro Tables

These tables are round and small, enough to carry two to three people. But you can have custom furniture in different sizes and shapes. Below, we discuss some of its main features so you know your options.

Size and Dimensions

It's common to find tables in the 28- to 30-inch range (71- to 76-cm). Their handy size means they can fit in your kitchen, balcony, or patio. Some households use the furniture in addition to the main dining area. You can have your meal or coffee break in this area.

Materials Used in Construction

We make bistro furniture using various materials. So, there is a style that matches your needs. 

We have listed the in-demand styles below: 

  • Metal: Wrought iron or aluminum bistro tables have a strong and classic look. Many visitors respect this setup. 
  • Wood: Wooden furniture is appealing. Its natural look will charm any guest and enhance your design. However, when used outdoors, wooden furniture needs periodic maintenance. 
  • Glass: Some bistro tables have glass tops. You can already picture their elegance and appeal. Decorators can create a modern aesthetic with this style. 
  • Plastic or Resin: Plastic bistro furniture is lightweight and affordable. You can leave these pieces in the rain or sunshine.

    How do bistro tables differ from regular ones? The significant difference is the size. Bistro tables are small to promote closeness. Regular tables are wider and can serve more people. Further, bistro tables are often round, while regular tables have different shapes.

    How Bistro Furniture Can Transform Your Interior Design

    Bistro Tables: Functions and Uses

    Bistro furniture can help you decorate or serve a function. For decoration, you can place a vase or similar objects on it. However, dining bistros will take plates, utensils, and glasses. Hence, the table's size matters. Avoid overcrowding the table. Choose dishes and glasses that will fit well in the space. 

    The pieces can be used in homes or businesses. At home, you can find bistro furniture in the garden, poolside, or balcony. Some homeowners place them on the patio. They are also popular inside the house. 

    Ice cream shops, cafes, and dining places use these designs for business. Their compact size allows them to fit in two areas with limited space. This arrangement can encourage dialog and intimacy.

    Wooden bistros are popular on beaches, dining spots, and pubs. The tables can be collapsed and stored during bad weather. Also, extra seats can be added to expand the seating at a special event.

    Advantages of Bistro Tables

    Many of our customers order a bistro for one of these reasons:


    Bistro tables help save space. The compact design fits small patios or balconies. So, they are great for apartments or businesses with limited space. Individuals won't notice the small space.

    Aesthetic Appeal

    Bistro tables are stylish and elegant. Simply planting them in the home or business place can improve the environment. 

    Durability and Maintenance

    Bistros made from metal or resin are pretty durable. The furniture is unaffected by harsh weather, and the design and material make it easy to clean.

    Popular Varieties and Styles

    Bistro furniture tends to be similar. However, designers use simple differences to create interesting effects. Consider these popular furniture styles:

    • Classic French Bistro: This style is inspired by ancient Parisian cafes. The table is made of metal with decorative metalwork and legs. Users today can experience this vintage and romantic charm.
    • Modern and Minimalist Design: Table designs today use clean lines and a minimalist finish. The subtle look creates its impression to complement a minimalist design.
    • Rustic and Natural: Wooden tables have natural textures that are warm and inviting. 
    • Folding or Collapsible: These tables are practical for smaller spaces. You can fold and store unused tables.
    How Bistro Furniture Can Transform Your Interior Design

    Bistro Buying Guide

    If you plan to order bistro furniture, there are a few things to remember when shopping. This will help you get the type of furniture to serve you or your customers. 


    What is the table's measurement? Knowing what you need the table for will help you decide the correct size to buy.


    If you plan an outdoor setup, opt for a metal or synthetic design. This will preserve your furniture. These kinds can endure wetness from rain or snow.


    Bistro furniture styles can be classical, modern, or minimalist. Each style feels different. So, choose a style that complements your home or office.

    Function and Features

    You can adjust the features of some furniture. Some designs are foldable with adjustable heights. These options can serve a practical purpose. 


    Some ergonomic bistro tables and chairs offer extra comfort. These options are great when you must sit for long stretches. Also, senior ones can enjoy their sitting experience more.


    Often, you can get a high-quality bistro within your budget. High-end furniture will last a long time and save you future costs. 

    You can order high-quality bistro tables online. We offer a range of beautiful and functional bistro designs. Also, we deliver orders to your doorsteps within 3-5 days. 

    How Bistro Furniture Can Transform Your Interior Design

    Maintenance and Care

    Routine cleaning and maintenance will keep your furniture pristine and in good condition. These procedures can help maintain your piece of furniture: 

    Routine Cleaning

    Soap and water can clean most material types. You should avoid using harsh chemical on delicate surfaces. You can wash most pieces with water. Alternatively, you can soak a soft cloth in water, using it to wipe off dirt and dust. 

    Protection from the Weather: Use covers to protect outdoor tables and keep them away from rain or snow. Prolonged exposure to harsh weather can damage the tables. 

    Wood Maintenance: If the table is wooden, you should apply extra protective coatings. Varnish and sealants help to protect it against moisture. Caring for them this way will improve their lifespan. Further, oil can add luster to wooden tables and prevent cracking or warping.

    Metal Care: Metal tables may need rust-proof treatments and coatings. This is especially true if you use them outdoors.

    Glass Maintenance: Use glass cleaners to clean tabletops. This restores transparency, removing glass smudges and stains.

    How Bistro Furniture Can Transform Your Interior Design


    Over the years, bistros have played an integral role in styling restaurants, cafes, and homes. They use minimal space and are a cost-effective investment. These benefits have made them a mainstay. 

    You can own this piece of culture when you  order bistro designs  on Jardina. Many customers write to tell us they are highly pleased with their purchase. Let’s make you another happy buyer. 

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