Does Aluminium Patio Furniture Rust?

Does Aluminium Patio Furniture Rust?

Given the many patio furniture options for your outdoors, aluminum patio furniture does not rust. 

Now that summer is near, take that classic aluminum patio furniture at that nearby furniture showroom. Place it strategically in your backyard and enjoy it without worrying about durability.

While it may be sturdy, a couple more perks come with it. How cool will it be to breathe life into your patio with such relentless elegance?

Below, we've shared a thorough insight into the world of aluminum patio furniture.  Hop onto buying aluminum furniture with full knowledge of what you're getting for your patio. 

Does Aluminium Patio Furniture Rust?

Aluminium As A Material

Metal is the most durable material for patio furniture, whether aluminum, steel, or iron. Narrowing down, aluminum is the most widespread silvery-white element in its pure form. It is a predominant material in several metallic products, including patio furniture frames.

Properties of Aluminium

Why opt for aluminum? Why is aluminum a popular choice among manufacturers when making patio furniture? 

There is a high chance these questions ran through your mind. And it's simply because of the following properties.

Aluminum is Rust-proof and Durable

You are already aware that aluminum bears a non-corrosive resistance. Having such a characteristic ranks it as a strong, durable metallic element. Its surface gets oxidized, forming an impermeable coat, keeping its interior intact. 

Even if a slight scratch occurs, it immediately reoxidizes and maintains full protection. In this case, the patio furniture will staunchly persevere in humid conditions. 

A moist outdoor environment on rainy days tends to escalate corrosion. So, your patio pieces will be safe and secure in the adversity of heavy rain showers.

Lightweight Nature 

How about how lightweight aluminum is naturally? Aluminium has a low density, directly proportional to its overall weight.

You can easily move your furniture and position it however and wherever possible. For instance, you can relocate your patio sofa in the open skies for the cool breeze to hover over your face. 

In addition, you can stack them into each other and store them in the winter season. Some aluminum furniture, like seats, have a superior stackable design. This craftsmanship also helps save on space when storing your furniture. 

Aluminium Vs. Other Furniture Metals

Of course, aluminum is one of the many metal outdoor furniture makers in the market. Comparisons are subjective. What may be best for one could bring up a different opinion from another. 

Metalsmiths often use steel and iron in furniture production, besides aluminum. Each has its unique benefits. However, aluminum is sought the most as it has the most benefits for a furniture piece. 

As much as steel is heavier and more stable, it's more expensive than aluminum. And considering weather resistance, it may not be blown away by wind easily. But it's susceptible to rust on those humid days, which may dwindle its durability and longevity.

Steel is commonly used for interior furnishings since its outlook is lustrous and bright. 

Iron, on the other hand, is unnecessarily too heavy, though highly durable. It poses much difficulty moving it, which isn't worth the struggle.

Plus, iron readily absorbs much heat and cold and might burn or freeze someone who contacts it. For these reasons, iron is most suited to make furniture legs to support the weight of the furniture. 

Does Aluminium Patio Furniture Rust?

Factors Influencing Rust Formation

Several factors catalyze rust formation on patio pieces, which dwell around environmental conditions. Familiarizing with them keeps you alert of the dos and don'ts for high-level maintenance. When you see rust on your outdoor aluminum furniture, that's a sign of deterioration.

Environmental Factors

Exposure to moisture: Moisture agitates metal corrosion more than any other factor. Expect your metal piece to rust fast in the rainy reason when it's rained on or left in damp places. 

Humidity levels: With air saturated with moisture, rust is inevitable. It will easily combine with oxygen and the elements in the metal, and in no time, rust will show up. 

Salt air environments: Living close to the seas and oceans can make metal rust quickly. The humid salt air from these water bodies causes rust formation faster than inland air. Salt is a strong corrosive agent that becomes more powerful under high humidity. 

Maintenance Practices

You may also contribute to rust formation with your metal furniture maintenance habits. Do you take any protective measures to avert rust during the cat-and-dog weather?

Storage is important in the stormy season. Also, how frequent are your cleaning routines? Are they regular?

Then, think of reinforcing protection with paint coats and finishes. Bare metal rusts when not kept in good shape. In all this, you have a role to play in rust formation, apart from environmental factors.

Does Aluminium Patio Furniture Rust?

Aluminium Patio Furniture

Exploring aluminium furniture, there is the regular extruded aluminium and the cast aluminium. You should scrutinize the differences if you decide to take a patio set home. The aluminium sofa, table or stool you spot on display is not just aluminium but could be either of the two types. 

Types of Aluminium Patio Furniture Construction

The extruded type undergoes the extrusion process, forcing the material to pass through a shaped opening. So, the furniture frame comes out in the desired shape, whether round or square. Mostly, these furniture designs have a smooth finish.  

Cast aluminum is the lower-grade version, which may have defects. The patio furniture made from it is cast in a mold. That allows for sophisticated furniture designs. Any intricate aluminum furniture is likely to be a product of cast aluminum.

Protective Measures by Manufacturers

Manufacturers apply anodizing and powder coating as more protective measures. They augment the wear and corrosion resistance of the metal surface. In doing so, these chemical procedures optimally secure the patio furniture from degradation. 

From people's experiences, aluminum garden furniture is considered highly durable. It's capable of surviving mixed weather conditions as long as it's properly coated. Some say it's hands down the best asset for their garden, fulfilling their pleasures. 

Others compliment it for its lightweight, longevity, and budget-friendly standards. Not ruling out the fact that they were bombarded with plenty of design options. Aluminum furniture comes in various stylish designs and patterns, especially cast aluminum furniture. 

Does Aluminium Patio Furniture Rust?

Tips for Preventing Aluminium Patio Furniture Rust

We cannot throw caution to the wind because aluminum naturally shouldn't rust. To ensure you leave completely no room for rust, consider the following tips. 

Regular Cleaning and Maintenance Routines

Clean your aluminum patio furniture at least once a month. The regular wash should entail warm water,  a mild detergent, and a soft, non-abrasive cloth or brush. And if you live in marine environments, you will clean the aluminum furniture more often. 

Applying Protective Sealant

As much as the manufacturer coated the pieces, it's imperative to top up with light applications of more coatings. You can use linseed oil, car wax, or silicone oil as the additional corrosion inhibitors. They block moist oxygen from reaching the reactive elements in the aluminum furniture. 

Proper Storage Off-seasons

In the bone-crunching winter seasons, keep the aluminum furniture indoors. Protect them from the excess moisture outside, which enhances rust formation. And in moments of sudden stormy rains, snugly fit the waterproof furniture covers. 

Choosing High-quality Aluminium Patio Furniture

On your shopping spree, look out for premium quality from reputable brands. Such brands aim for a high level of customer satisfaction. Therefore, you'll be certain your new aluminum patio furniture is anti-rust all year round. 

Does Aluminium Patio Furniture Rust?

All Said And Done

Aluminum patio furniture is an ideal rust-resistant selection for your beautiful garden. While you are in awe at the radiating sunsets, you appreciate the ample comfort. 

So that the tranquil nature of your pieces doesn't fade away, keep rust at bay by all means. At Jardina, we're also here to offer you a high-quality assortment of outdoor furniture. Your satisfaction is our utmost priority. 

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